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What is Addyx Water Soluble Mandrel?
And how does it work? ​

– Innovative expanding technopolymer
– Made in additive manufacturing with ECO-sustainable materials
– High thermal resistance ( >180 °C )
– Excellent dimensional tolerance
– Lamination support / Tap lamination
– In temperature it becomes an expanding membrane
– Application of the inner bag not necessary
– It allows to obtain a high performance laminate
– Water soluble once the laminate has polymerised

Uses expanded mandrel

The expanding mandrel was born from the need to produce particularly complex tubular components, where the best known methods (such as internal bags) often fail or are di cult to manage.

The mandrel allows it to be used during the lamination phase as a male support for the laminate, reducing time and consumption. Furthermore, male lamination allows greater continuity (or less interruption) of the  bra, giving the laminate a high structurality. Once the lamination phase is completed, the component is placed and closed in the mold for the polymerization cycle.

During the curing cycle, once certain conditions have been reached, the mandrel will deform like a membrane and compact the laminate on the mold like a classic inner bag.

Once the component has been removed from the mould, the mandrel can be dissolved in water without leaving any chemical residue. Thus avoiding additional processing times by the operator.

Next Generation Design & Manufacturing

Benefits of innovation

– Production of tubular components with complex geometry

– Lamination times reduced by 30%

– Greater plies control and overlapping

– Lamination waste reduced by 15%

– Possibility of inserting localized reinforcements without the aid of projectors

– Intermediate compaction of the plies directly on the mandrel

– Reduction of insert positioning times in the laminate

(seats on spindle)

– practically NON-EXISTENT internal membrane extraction times

– Resistance to high temperatures (up to 180 °C)

– Non-polluting biodegradable product

– Low production cost


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